Physical Asset Request Guidelines

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Lucasfilm Franchise Physical Assets requires a minimum four-week lead time for physical asset requests, and preferably eight weeks. Assets are stored in the UK, and requestors will understand that not enough lead time may result in no physical asset availability. Requestor should also take into consideration shipping/event timelines and overseas shipping costs.

No Principal HERO costumes are loaned out unless worn by corresponding talent for approved shoots. Requests for certain assets may require travel to Lucasfilm’s Letterman facilities in San Francisco for on-site research or photography. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

All requests should be submitted using the attached form. Requestor should provide all necessary information including intended asset use (live action shoot, still shoot, display, or research) and billing recharge information. Franchise Physical Assets will provide an estimate of anticipated costs, including but not limited to:

  • A mandatory borrowing fee for all external / 3rd parties
  • Costs for retrieval of assets from storage facilities and preparation labor
  • All transport fees including specialty equipment
  • Specialty packing/shipping to and from event
  • 24/7 Security and storage costs
  • Travel and Visa expenses for Lucasfilm Asset Representative/Specialty Crew
  • Hiring of Lucasfilm-approved crew and other vendors as needed
  • Any specialty rates or overtime accrued by Lucasfilm employees, crew or vendors
  • Any associated costs for specialty equipment (armatures, mannequins, display cases)

Upon approval of asset Loan/Use:

  • Requestor will indicate who the liable borrowing party is (Agency, Production Company, Disney) if different than requestor.
  • Borrower will sign and return Lucasfilm’s Borrower Object Loan Agreement.
  • Third-party borrowers will submit Certificate of Insurance, indicating full liability for assets while in care of the Borrower.
  • Borrower will work with Lucasfilm staff to sign Asset Condition Reports in conjunction with loan agreements. Upon completion of the use of assets, the Condition Report will be updated to reflect any changes from the original asset receipt, and will be used to support any cleaning, repair, insurance or legal claims as well as any additional fees incurred.
  • Borrower is liable for costs incurred to repair/replace assets as a result of damage/loss. Please note it may take several months for repair/replacement costs to be assessed.
  • Borrower will follow recommended safety requirements for the use of assets.

Assets cannot be released for shipment without an internal WBS billing code, signed Loan Agreement, and for third parties, a Certificate of Insurance. A longer lead allows time to collect all necessary information and documentation.

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